Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday Night Make Up

 I'm not usually very big on make-up, but I like to add a little extra on the weekends ;) I wear concealer, mascara, and blush daily, and when I go out I always wear LORAC shimmer eyeshadows and bronzing powder, and liquid eyeliner (I'm still practicing the applying technique on this). LORAC is the best when it comes to anything bronzy and shimmery, and their eye shadow really makes your eyes pop. I love their products and I have been using them ever since I moved to the US. 

I'm still finding it SUPER hard to apply liquid eyeliner. I think it might be the half Asian shape of my eyes that makes it tricky. Sometimes I succeed after one try, but other times I can spend an hour to get the lines on both eyes even close to even (the most frustrating thing ever :D) Anyone who has the same issue? lol

The products that I swear by...

1. LORAC Shimmer Eyeshadow - Looks amazing on and gives you perfectly shimmery and sultry eyes.

2. Stila Liquid Eyeliner - Even though I still find it really hard to apply, this one has been working the best for me.

3. Jane Iredale "Dissapear" Concealer - Has green tea extract which helps against puffy eyes, and also covers really well.

4. LORAC Tantalizer - My darling when it comes to makeup. Love how this bronzing powder makes my skin look glowy and tanned.

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Amanda Larsen said...

You look amazing:)