Friday, December 12, 2014

The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

I had so much fun putting together this 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. The guide contains all the people that I need to buy gifts for this year - my mom, my day, my boyfriend, and my brother, with dad ALWAYS being the most difficult to buy for :D The guys have it soo easy... Just get anything from either Celine, Louboutin, Chanel, or Saint Laurent, and we will be happy, hehe. I hope this guide will give you some ideas on what to buy for your family member and loved ones this year..

1. Chanel lipgloss gift set, $90 here 2. Blouse from H&M, $29.95 here 3. Fornasetti candle, $165 here 4. Nialaya bracelet w Sapphire and CZ diamond here

My mom is probably the easiest person to buy gifts for (any woman is easy to buy gifts for, lol) I just buy something that I would like.. A cosmetic gift set is always a good idea - they look beautiful and everyone needs make up. 

If you know your mom's style, a cute clothing item is always appreciated. I really like this blouse from H&M. It's very timeless and pretty, I would actually want it for myself, hehe. 

I feel like every mom would love something for the home, and the Fornasetti candles are amazing. A friend of mine just got them as an early Christmas gift and they are so nice. Beautiful and interesting decorating even after you have used up the candle.

The beaded bracelets from Nialaya are just beautiful. Jewelry is always a very nice gift to give to someone and of course, there's not better jewelry brand than Nialaya.

1. Kiehl's facial product gift set, $59 here 2. SONOS wireless sound system, $199 here 3. Leather gloves from Barney's New York, $155 here 4. MGM Bond 50 (Five Decades of James Bond), $180 here

I'm pretty surprised with the good gift ideas I came up with for my dad.. Again, the gift sets always look good and this one from Kiehl's also has a really good price.

The SONOS sound system seems to be a pretty big hype right now, and my dad always like electronics :D He also always wears leather gloves during the winter, so a pair of new ones of those would be a super nice gift!

The James Bond DVD album is just perfect for my dad. He needs to have this :D 

1. Cardholder from Bottega Veneta, $250 here 2. Cologne from Byredo, $280 here 3. Burberry shirt, $250 here 4. Nialaya stingray bracelet, $250 here

Every year, my boyfriend tells me he wants a cardholder and he never gets one, haha. I just love buying clothes!! But I guess it's about time that I get him one now because he needs it :P I've seen a lot of nice ones lately but I really like this one from Bottega Veneta.
I have never smelt the Byrego cologne before but I loved the way the bottle looked. I need to look in to this. If it's smells good, I'm definitely getting it :D

What guy doesn't need a nice, white shirt in his closet? Especially with New Year's Eve coming up. This one from Burberry looks really nice. Although, I can be difficult to know how it's going to fit your man. 

The Nialaya stingray bracelet is so cool and goes perfectly with my boyfriend's style. I think any guy would like this bracelet because it's so clean and simple.

1. POLO Ralph Lauren shirt, $90 here 2. Nialaya bracelet, $300 here 3. Nike Roshe Sneakers, $125 here 4. Beats headphones, $200 here

For my brother, I basically buy the same things I do for my boyfriend, just a little younger :P I know that he likes POLO Ralph Lauren, so I shirt from them would be a nice gift. 

I love the Nike Roshe sneakers, and the price is really good too. They come in a bunch of different colors, but I haven't seen this one before and it's a little unique. 

A pair of good headphones from Beats is a really nice gift for a young guy (I think?) lol. I just know that my brother (and my boyfriend) would love a pair of these. I love the gold and white.

I hope you guys got inspired. Happy Holiday Shopping and Thanks for reading!!
xx Susanne


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