Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Mornings

At Alfred Coffe in The Alley

I can't tell you how obsessed I am with Alfred Coffee, lol. And it's even better now when they opened a smaller one in "The Alley". It's not as busy as the other one on Melrose Place, and I always go there when I'm in a rush. You just walk in and get your coffee within 2 min. At the one on Melrose Place you sometimes have to wait 30 min to get your coffee - it's worth it though :D 

It's been another long day at the office, but I'm not complaining ;) The days just go super fast.. I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already! We are getting some girls together to go "After-work" at one of my favorite restaurants in West Hollywood, AOC. Will be fun :) Have a good night guys!!

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