Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On a Tuesday

Since I sometimes work on the weekends, I usually take a weekday off work and just chill. This week I decided to take Tuesday off (yesterday), so Michaela and I went to Beverly Hills, had lunch at Freds at Barneys and then tried a bunch of amazing bags on at Barneys :D

  Trying to be healthy with this giant kale salad :P

 The stairs at Barney's are so beautiful!

Just checking out some amazing Celine bags B-)

 Which color?! I'm obsessed with the peach...

Yes, I NEED this!

Shoes and shoes, love this beautiful display

We ended up at at our favorite Frozen Yogurt place, Go Greek. Their froyo is made on greek yogurt and is SO delicious and so much better than regular froyo. They also have regular yogurt with toppings, which is a perfect breakfast option ;) Nom nom!

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