Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alfred Coffee Brentwood

It's been raining almost all day today, but I always like to get out and do stuff on my days off and I just hate sitting inside all day.. So I went to check out the new Alfred Coffee in Brentwood where they had a little party. I'm a big fan of Alfred as you now ;D They're coffee is the best! They served delicious Pressed Juicery (that I'm also a big fan of) cocktails and other cute stuff. After the Alfred party we rushed all the way to Hollywood to get a glimpse of the Louis Vuitton exhibition that I have been wanting to go to so badly. It was their last day today and we got there 10 minutes before they closed - they wouldn't let us in :( I was soo disappointed. Well, well.. Hopefully there will be another cool exhibition in LA soon.. Now I'm at home watching the Oscar's and admiring everyone's beautiful dresses. My favorites so far are Chrissy Teigen and J.Lo!

 xoxo Susanne

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sandra said...

ser underbart ut! kul o se att du är kvar därborta, hur är livet där & trivs du? Saknar du inte sverige, isåfall vad? man har en liten längtan till att få uppleva usa californien miljö men otroligt feg. skulle dö av saknad av familj=/ hur har du fixat de dessa år? hur länge har du bott där nu? kram! =)