Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SF Diary

So my amazing boyfriend surprised me with a mini vacay to San Francisco over Valentine's Day and President's Day. All he told me was to pack my suitcase and bring the same clothes I would wear here in LA plus a few jackets and sweaters :P I kind of knew that we were going to SF.. But he didn't let me know until the morning of when we got in the car :D I got really excited since I have never been to SF before..

Best part about a road trip - fast food ;/ hehe. I normally don't eat fast food and I can't remember the last time I had a burger. But I was actually craving In N Out as we were driving past one fast food chain after another on the freeway. Not a lot of options anyways :P
We didn't drive on Highway 1 (The scenic route) that takes over 8 hours. We decided to take the short cut, which was pretty boring but it sure had some nice moments - like this one..

We got to SF late in the afternoon on Saturday so we just chilled for a bit and went to the movies. The day after we woke up early to walk around in the city. I fell in love with the adorable, charming houses. We ended up taking an Uber since our legs got so tired from walking up the hills ;P
The famous and charming Lombard Street
The weather was so perfect and I must say I'm pretty happy with my photo of the Golden Gate Bridge :)
This street had all my favorite shops, like Rag & Bone, Sandro and more, and a lot of cozy cafes. It's called Fillmore Street.
Coffee breaks...
 ... and leg resting breaks
 This part of the city, Union Square, felt like a mini New York, with a lot of high buildings and exclusive stores.
On the last day we went back to Fillmore Street for a little bit to have breakfast and hang out before 
 we started our drive back to LA.
Thanks SF for an amazing time 

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