Monday, March 23, 2015

A Trip to Silverlake

Last Tuesday, Michaela and I went to Silverlake to have lunch and just get a little change of scenery, lol :P Been getting a little tired of just going to the same places in Weho. I really love Silverlake. If it wasn't so far away from my work, etc. I could live there. Everything is just so colorful and fun and arty, and I love that. Being there makes me so inspired to be creative and it also really relaxes me. It's funny that it sounds like I'm speaking about a completely different place when it's just 20 minutes from West Hollywood, but it really does feel like a completely different city - the people are different, the vibe is veeery different, the style, the food places, everything. I guess that's a thing that I really love about LA - the city offers so many different places, styles, and things to do, and that's why I never get bored living here...

We had lunch at cozy Cafe Stella. I love it there!! It felt like having lunch in a cute, french village.

 Wore a new dress from Free People here
 The streets in Silverlake are very fun, artsy, and hip, which I love.
 The coffee at Intelligentsia is just the beeest..
This floor made for a perfect photo opp. Had to take a little behind the scenes photo, hehe
 Michi and pretty flowers...
 How cute are these coffee cups?!! (Jewelry from Nialaya here)
Surrounded by all this prettyness!

xoxo Susanne

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