Sunday, March 1, 2015

Before The Rain

Jacket  - Charlotte Russe, here
Jeans - Levi's
T-shirt - ZARA
Sneakers - Steve Madden, here
Bag - Michael Kors, in other colors here
Sunglasses - Wildfox, here
Jewelry - Nialaya, here

Jeans and t-shirt is kind of my new uniform. SO boring, I know ;P But I try to make it more interesting with a lot of jewelry and colorful accessories. I just love being comfortable so much :D Especially now when the weather is a little colder. I'm currently all cuddled up in the sofa, watching my new favorite TV-show, The Mindy Project. I'm soo obsessed with it lol. Firstly, she's so funny. Secondly, she has a Chanel Wallet On Chain in every single color, which makes me even more obsessed with watching it, lol. Also, the rain is pouring down outside and my legs are super sore from hiking yesterday. In other words, it's a cozy night in :) 

xoxo Susanne

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