Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Secret Spot

Discovered a new hang-out spot today that I'm kind of obsessed with. It was beautiful and perfectly quite with an amazing view. Do I even want to share it, hehe? I'm not sure, lol. Well, ok :) It might sound a little random but on top of the new furniture store, Restoration Hardware on Melrose, there's a beautiful roof top where anyone gets to hang out and enjoy the beautiful view and outdoor furniture, so that's exactly what Michaela and I did today. We pretty much had the whole rooftop to ourselves, lol. They even have a ping pong table and pool table up there. We got coffee from Alfred in the alley and then went up there to drink our coffee, enjoy the beautiful weather and view and talk and catch up on the latest (our conversations lately mostly consists of Coachella planning and which handbags we want, lol. Btw, I CAN'T wait for Coachella :D:D). Soo, I truly recommend checking this place out if you're in the mood for a quite and beautiful hang out spot:)

xoxo Susanne

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