Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coachella Day 1

Came home late last night from the best weekend of the year. It all feels like a dream no when I'm back in LA. I just want to go back to this dreamy place :D We initially went there to just go to all of the events and pool partys, but we actually ended up getting wristbands to the festival for the last day, which was sooo fun!! Just a perfect way to end this amazing, dreamy weekend. We drove down to Palm Springs on Friday morning where we had rented a house with some friends. Palm Springs is about 30 min from Coachella, but since all the pool partys and events are at the hotels and houses around Palm Springs, it made sense for us to stay there. As soon as we got to the house on Friday, we jumped in our slightly more bohemian/coachelly outfits and headed out to our first event...
Wore a top from Shopmika and denim skirt I bought years ago. The weather was hot, but not as crazy as it's been the past couple years.

We kicked off the first day of Coachella at The Retreat event at Sparrow's Lodge. It was a super cute event with delicious food, great goodie bags, amazing juice cocktails, and even some really good espresso :D Worked out perfectly since I hadn't had my morning coffee yet.
 Love my new Celine Caty Sunglasses. I got them the night before we left and I'm so happy with the purchase. They completed all my Coachella outfits :P

With the babes Sofia and Michaela

They also had a really cute relaxing area at this event. Just the perfect spot to hang out and chill before all the craziness.

After Sparrow's, we headed to the Popsugar+Shopstyle event at the Avalon Hotel. This hotel used to be called Viceroy and is one of my favorite hotels in Palm Springs. Last year, the Guess party took place here.

The event was hosted by this gorgeous goddess, Alessandra Ambrosio.

Cheers. I think this was water, lol

Got these gladiator sandals from ZARA here. They worked perfectly this weekend for all the pool partys. 
Just hung out here for hours and enjoyed ourselves. Can't really remember what happened after this, hehe. But I stopped taking photos after this, lol. It was a great first day. I will be posting about Day 2 very soon! 

xoxo Susanne

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