Thursday, April 16, 2015

Coachella Day 2

We woke up super early on Saturday morning and just went outside to the pool to have breakfast. It was such a lovely day AND Rupert's birthday, so I gave him his gifts and made him his favorite breakfast :D The day started out with a brunch at some friend's house, then off to a couple pool partys...

Just after I woke up, hehe :D The light was so pretty outside though - I had to take a selfie, lol

My sunnies: Wildfox, Fendi, Celine, and Ray ban. Couldn't decide which ones to wear so I started out with the purple Wildfox but switched to the pink Fendi later on.

Playing around in the sun with this giant donut, hehe
 We ended up at the Refinery29 party at The Saguaro and it was crazy. It felt like a Vegas pool party. We stayed for a little bit before we went back to the Popsugar+Shopstyle party.

Dress from Tobi.com here
Found myself making this pose in like all of my photos, lol.. whyy?... This was only the first part of the day. Later on, we went to the Neon Carnival which was sooo much fun. But that's a whole other story.. that I will post about soon :)

xoxo Susanne

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