Saturday, April 25, 2015

Coachella Day 3

I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks since Coachella. Time just flies.. way tooo fast. Day 3 of Coachella was probably the most fun day since we actually went to the festival. I've never been a big festival person but I had soo much fun this day and I know that I just have to go all three days next year. A big plus also was that it wasn't super hot this year. Since the festival is right under the sun, it get's unbearable when it's too hot. We started out day 3 at the event at The Sparrow's Lodge. Just chilled and had brunch from their amazing buffet before heading to the festival...

Michaela and I just chilling in the perfect chillaxing area at the Sparrow's Lodge :P
I love Palm Springs..
Our friend had a Jeep that was open on the sides. It was so much fun to drive around in but it got super windy :D
We made it to the festival, yaaay.
All I did was eat. There were so many snack options :D Wore a dress from Free People, in different color here

I'm so happy with me new Celine sunnies. This color goes with everything <3
How beautiful is this?! I had so much fun!! See you next year Coachella...

xoxo Susanne

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