Saturday, May 16, 2015

My favorite color is blue..

Top - ZNU here
Shorts - Bcbg Generation here
Shoes - IRO (sold out)
Bag - Celine
Sunglasses - Fendi, in different color here
Jewelry - Nialaya here

Yes, my new favorite color is blue... I've never been a fan of blue before but lately I want everything to be blue - my bag, my nails, and my new shorts from Bcbg Generation (love them). And I finally got my Fendi sunnies repaired. They broke as I fell while walking up the stairs but luckily they were easily fixable, which I'm so relieved about. 

Oh and I got my hair fixed again. Can you tell?? I can't believe I went to the hair salon 3 times this week, lol. I found someone who finally got it right, halleluja!! It's this salon on Sunset Plaza called Eden Sassoon. I've walked past there before and thought it looked really nice and I needed a place that was super close by since I wanted to get it done before work. They were suuuper nice and amazing and even agreed on coming in 30 min before opening since I had to leave by 10.30am. My stylist did a really good job with the color and I'm so happy with the way it looks now. I will definitely keep going to this place!

Have a good night guys!!
xoxo Susanne

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