Thursday, May 21, 2015

Top 3 dream places to travel to...

Santorini, Greece has been my dream place to travel to for a long time now and if I still lived in Europe, I probably would have gone by now. But LA is just sooo far from everything and everywhere, lol. I love the peacefulness and calmness of the photos I've seen from Santorini. The crisp white and blue buildings look like a dream and I'm obsessed with Greek food. I've been to Greece before and the food is just phe-no-me-nal. Souvlaki with a fresh Greek salad? Yes, please!!

Who would say no to this paradise place?! I'm craving a real tropical beach holiday. Even though I live in LA, I never really go to the beach. Besides, the beaches in LA are just long, wide roads of sand and super boring, lol.  I need some hand made umbrellas, a cute place that serves freshly cut coconuts, turquoise see-through ocean and some gorgeous palm trees. Give me Maldives!! 

Oh St Tropez, France.. Luxurios party vacay is totally my vibe, lol. Day drinking all day on a yacht cruising down the French riviera, or at one of the cool beach clubs. Siesta for an hour and then out for a late dinner in a pretty, flowy dress and gladiator sandals. Sorry, I'm just day dreaming, hehe. Again, why is LA so far from everything that's fun in the summer time. This will be one of the reason why I eventually leave LA.. I feel isolated here sometimes. Goood, I just wanna go to Europe now :D

Which one of these places would you go to?


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