Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Poolside with Lulu's..

I had a pretty eventful Saturday last week.. 2 birthday partys for some of my best friends, as well as the Lulus.com's blogger party. I haven't had this much fun in.. I can't even remember. All of the partys were sooo much fun and I didn't want to leave any of them. Anyways, I started out the day with my friend Racquel at this beeeeaaautiful house in Beverly Hills where Lulus.com had their blogger party. They had margaritas in coconuts, tacos, gifting, and just awesome people and cute things to take pictures of everywhere. It was a blogger's mecca, lol - it was paradise, as you can probably tell from the photos. I had such a hard time leaving this amazing place but I was definitely not disappointed when I got to my next party, which was for my friend Nolan's birthday. He had a chef prepare amazing food and he had even hired two masseuses :D After Nolan's, I went to celebrate my best friend Tilde and her boyfriend's birthdays. We had dinner at a sushi place and then we went to some house party and it was just sooo much fun!! Crazy how all these events occurred on the same day. Normally my Saturdays are the lamest ever :P Hehe, It's Tuesday today and I'm still recovering from the craziness. This weekend will be a chill one :D

xoxo Susanne

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