Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Criss-cross and cactus..

Bodysuit - Reformation "Avalon" bodysuit (sold out)
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag - Vintage Gucci

I've been waiting for a colder day to come to wear this bodysuit again but since that day never seems to come I decided to wear it yesterday, in 95 degrees :D hehe, just couldn't wait any longer. Luckily, I was inside with the AC on full blast most of the day. Just stepped out to buy an ice cold smoothie, but that's pretty much it. I was one of the lucky girls to get a hold of one of these insanely wanted bodysuits from Reformation, lol. Everyone went crazy over it!! 

Oh, and I have the biggest crush on cactus right now. Whenever I see one (or more) I'm like "oohh, can you take a pic of me in front of this" to who ever I'm with. They're just so fun and exotic. I don't know if it's because I'm from Sweden and didn't grow up among beautiful, exotic plants that I find them so fun and interesting, haha. Everyone on Instagram seems to have a crush on them too though :P I guess they're just very photogenic.

xoxo Susanne

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Anna said...

Great photos; I really like the criss-cross tops, too! LoL - the way you feel about cactus plants is how I am when it comes to the beautiful bougainvillea flower bush. I always want to take a photo next to it!