Sunday, September 6, 2015

Staple pieces..

Top and sandals - ZARA (sold out)
Skirt - 2020ave.com here
Sunglasses - Dior "So Real"
Bag - Celine "Mini Luggage"

Denim skirts have been one of my staple pieces this summer. I always prefer wearing a skirt over shorts, I just find them more comfortable, and the denim skirt is casual in a quite dressy way (which I love) while denim shorts can sometimes look a little too casual. I scored the top at ZARA's sale last week for like $10 :D The weather is still super hot in LA but I don't want to spend more money on buying summer clothes since summer is almost over, so I was happy to find this top along with some other cute summer stuff on sale, hehe. America always have such great sale. You can never find these type of deals in Sweden (where I'm from).

Hope you guys are enjoying the Labor Day weekend. I just realized that I'm wearing US flag colors in this post, haha, how suitable. xoxo Susanne

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