Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sweden so far..

Hello guys! Sorry for poor updating here on the blog. I've been so jet lag and tired at all times, and taking photos can be so much more tiring than you think :P I spent a couple days in my hometown, Linkoping. Now I've been in Stockholm for a couple days and I'm currently waiting for my train back to Linkoping. My brother lives in Stockholm now so I spent some time with him and did some touristy stuff :P The weather has been a little bit cold but nice. Although, it's raining today, but it's kind of cozy. We had Swedish meatballs for lunch, did some shopping, walked around the Swedish palace and had Swedish ice cream (omg, I've missed licorice ice cream - it's the best). It feels great to be in a busy city. LA is soo calm and quiet compared to here haha, even though it's a much bigger city than Stockholm with a lot more people. It's just so different and it's a nice change.. Anyways, now I'm off to my train to Linkoping and I'll be back in Stockholm. Have a nice day or night wherever in the world you are :)

xoxo Susanne

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