Monday, November 30, 2015

Staying warm in faux fur..

Faux fur - Shoptoni.com here (Get 10% OFF with code 'Susanne')
Jeans - Anine Bing here
Boots - Aldo here
Bag - Gucci here

Hii LA winter! Loving the weather right now because it's cold but still sunny. I'm hoping it will stay cold because I have so many great "winter" items to wear. It feels so weird to say winter items when I'm actually referring to my new leather jacket that I got the other day, and sweaters etc. that are so much more "fall" in my head, coming from Sweden. Winter items there is the classic Michelin man winter jacket, and UGG-like boots, thickest gloves ever etc. etc.. and I'm not missing it at all :D LA winter is perfect because it gets cold enough to wear boots and winter jackets, but it's not so cold that you can't take your gloves off (if you're even wearing any) without your fingers becoming ICE, hehe..

Wish you guys a great week! xoxo Susanne

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