Sunday, January 3, 2016


Wearing Fendi Iridia Sunglasses
I just spent 4 days in Miami where I met up with my family who flew in from Sweden. Miami is kind of in the middle of Sweden and LA so it made perfect sense for us to meet up there, especially for NYE :) I think Miami is the most fun pace I've ever celebrated NYE.. 

The sun beds and umbrellas in Miami are so fun and colorful. I have hundreds of photos in my phone of the different color beds and umbrellas, lol!! This is outside the beautiful Faena Hotel.

 Also, outside the Faena Hotel is the beautiful gold mammoth skeleton by Damien Hirst. The sculpture is called "Gone and Forgotten" and was placed outside the Faena during Art Basel in the beginning of December. So cool, right? :)

Beaachh!! It was a little bit cloudy in the morning of the first day but I just really wanted a beach photo, lol. I don't always wear silver boots on the beach..

My brother and I, having brunch at the cozy Cecconi's at Soho Beach House..

 More pretty colors on the beach..

What I wore on New Year's Eve, in dress from Assali. Available here
We went for dinner at the Bazaar at the SLS hotel, which btw was Amaazzziing!!

We watched a gorgeous fireworks show from the beach..

Last day in Miami was beach day. Sun was shining, 85 degrees outside and such a relaxing day that was definitely well-needed..

Vacay mode..

Had such a fun time in Miami with my family and the time went way too fast :( So nice to get a little mini vacation in before the new year. Now I'm ready to work really hard to achieve all my goals this year <3 I hope you guys had an amazing NYE. Happy New Year everyone!!

xoxo Susanne


LisaVM said...

Looks like such a fun holiday and love all of the wardrobe choices! Happy New Year!


Leta G. said...

Nice pictures! I love your sunnies.

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Steve Holliday said...

Simply a very beautiful woman.

Kasandra said...

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