Sunday, May 29, 2016

Current Obsession: Bikinis..

1. Vitamin A here 2. Kopper & Zink here 3. Tori Praver here 4. Same Swim here 5. Kate Spade here 6. Mikoh here 7. Kiini here 8. Beach Riot here 9. Milly here 10. Same Swim here 11. Seea here 12. Chromat here

More cute bikinis here

Currently searching for cute bikinis for my summer vacay in Europe. Loving the simple, clean cuts but also feel like getting something more unique, hmm.. Totally in love with the Same Swim pieces and the yellow one from Kiini!

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Madison said...


I don`t know if you had a chance to see my last emails – I did not get any replay from you so I suspect you may not. A few weeks have passed since I heard any news from you. The reason why I`m writing here is because I decided to try alternative ways of communication since my emails are not getting to you. Can you please check your email and maybe your spam folder to find my messages or just get back to me as soon as possible?
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