Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Bu..

Dress - Clayton here
Sneakers - Vans here
Bag - Mansur Gavriel here

Today, Michaela and I decided to drive down to Malibu for breakfast at Malibu Farm - love it there!! It was a little gloomy but still hot and I just love the drive down there.  They're kale/apple juice is really good!!

Soo, the other day I got the sneakers I never thought I would like.. haha, these Vans high-tops. I just woke up that morning and was like "hmmm, those vans would look cute this summer with a dress or leggings and a hoodie when I'm traveling.." so I went down to the Vans store and got them, lol. Now I'm obsessed with them because they're so freakin comfy!!

Have a nice weekend :) xx

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