Sunday, July 3, 2016

A night in Mykonos..

Hi everyone!! I just got home to LA from a two weeks trip in Europe. My plan was to blog from there but time just flew and all of a sudden I'm back in LA and haven't blogged in two weeks, lol. My first stop was Mykonos with the bf. It was such a dream! We stayed at the Myconian Utopia Resort in Elia Beach which was about 30 min from Mykonos Town - an amazing paradise get-away that I will post more photos of soon. The photos in this post are from our first night in Mykonos when we went into Mykonos town to explore and have dinner. A typical, cute Grecian town with white and blue buildings and restaurants along the coast. We picked one of the restaurants by the water and ordered in all of the Greek foods that we had been longing for..

Dress - Assali here
Sandals - ZARA
Bag - Gucci here

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LisaVM said...

Hope you had an amazing holiday! Such a perfect dress choice! You match the city. :)